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Why I do what I do

I miss colour. Growing up in India I was surrounded by exciting colours, something I did not appreciate until I moved to UK more than 3 decades ago. In particular, I miss the luxury of saris. Life in UK gives me less occasions for this indulgence.

As an artist, I am constantly looking for avenues to recreate the visual gratification of India, particularly the vibrance of saris. I respond to the inspiring landscape that surrounds me - Dorset - my home, and India, where I visit often. I may be painting Dorset but my palette allows me to be in India. It is as if I am wrapping the landscape with the richest silk sari I can conjure up, transforming it to a frame filled with loss and nostalgia for where I was born.

~ 21 - 23 June 2024, group exhibition at Tremenhere Sculpture Gardens, Penzance 

~ Sept 2024, solo exhibition at The Duchess of Cornwall Hotel, Dorchester 


~2024, group exhibition at Chapel House, Penzance

~ 2024, group exhibition at Dorchester County Hospital, Dorchester

~ 2024, group exhibition at Springhead, Shaftesbury ~ 2023, joint exhibition at Clare Hawkes Fine Art studio, Abbotsbury, Dorset
~ 2023, group exhibition at East Lambrook Manor Gardens, Somerset ~ 2021, group exhibition at Brick Lane Gallery, London ~ 2021, Solo exhibition at Goldbach Centre, Küsnacht, Switzerland ~ 2018, group exhibition at Villa Meier-Severini, Zollikon, Switzerland ~ 2017, group exhibition at Villa Meier-Severini, Zollikon, Switzerland

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